Cory’s Writing Credits

Corys been imagining things and writing things down as long as she can remember – but it was a Remembrance Day poem and essay awarded honours, a kick in the butt from Mr. Roberts in Grade 10 English and support from her folks that made her believe she should share.


2014: Writers Combine with Jason Long, instructor: Full-Script: Spring and Fall Before the Night is Over/Behind the Senlac Hall

2013: Pitches for Corywith Jason Long/Full Swing Productions

2013: Freedom to Read Week: WordFest and Writers Guild of Alberta presentation

2013: Co-writer/presenter with Mike Morrison: Mayors Luncheon for Arts Champions

2013: Joined weekly writers class – Writers Combinewith Jason Long, Instructor; Spring and Fall

2012: Writer for Calgary Public Library Foundations Bob Edwards Dinner for recipient Mary Walsh

2011: Workshopped The Goose Queen of Kindersley; worked with Jason Long to create Stand Up MomTV pilot and bible

2010: Wrote 20 seconds to compliment 20 chosen slides and presented my show at PechaKucha #6 in Calgary  November 24, 2010 – Brilliant fun!


Letters from the WhimsyState and Remix: Lunchbox Theatre – June 10, 11, 12 & 17, 18 & 19 with Cory Macks stuffbeing read on June 18, 2010.


2010: Me, Myself and You: Cory Macks The Goose Queen of Kindersleyand Donovan Deschners Evolutionin workshop May 19 – 22, 2010  MOTEL in Epcor Centre


Its a weekend of workshopping for Cory Mack and Donovan Deschner.  Each of these acclaimed comedians have created a theatrical show that needs your input.  Form May 19 – 22, 2010, these performances will be presented at MOTEL in the Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts for the purpose of receiving audience feedback. Both of these shows are nearly brand new and in order to make them better, they need your help. 


The Goose Queen of Kindersley follows Corys own life from small-town Saskatchewan to Canadian show business.  For those who believe they are a bit too much.


Egolution is an in-depth look at what has been called a narcissism epidemicwithin our current culture.  By dealing first with his own narcissism and then realizing that hes not that far behind the curve, Donovan uses comedy to share how egomania has changed our lives.


2010: Creation Cabaret: Stories for HopperAlberta Theatre Projects: Enbridge playRites Festival Blitz Weekend

2010: Sacred Cows  a performance of the Citizens of the WhimsyState at the High Performance Rodea

2009: founded the WhimsyState writers collective with fellow Citizens; Letters from the WhimsyState reading festival of new plays at Lunchbox theatre in May 2009.


Cory is a founding member and a proud Citizen of the WhimState.  The WhimsyState is an eclectic collective of like-minded individuals who believe that together we can inspire, support and nurture each other in our quest to create new plays in Alberta.  She is currently working on her solo show the Goose Queen of Kindersleyand is excited about having her work performed in the One Yellow Rabbit High Performance Rodeo in January 2010.


2008: Participant in Alberta Theatre Projects 24 hour Playwriting Contest, playRites 2009, Alberta Theatre Projects

2008: Part of Ground Zero Theatres Writers Block Playwriting Workshop with Eugene Stickland.

2007: Completed a performance storytelling class with Doug Curtis, Ghost River Theatre, Calgary, AB


2006: Why are we not laughinga 90 minute key-note presentation written for Centrepoints Executive Breakfast Series: aimed at Fund Development Professionals and Executives from the charitable sector. Presented June 13, 2006.


2006: A Fine Linewas re-written and performed at Theatre Junctions Random Acts Festival, Calgary, AB on May 11, 2006.  Cory also co-directed this performance with Tanille Geib of; it starred Allyson Smith, Roberta Mauer Philips, Julia Hoover and Elizabeth Kirkland.

2004-2009: Co-writer for Alberta Theatre Projects Bob Edwards Award Luncheon; with recipients Rick Mercer 04, Preston Manning 05, Catherine Ford 06, Gwynne Dyer 07, George Stroumboulopolos 08 and writer/moderator for the 35th Anniversary Luncheon 2009.  Co-writer for 2010 for recipient Lawrence Hill, and Mary Walsh in 2012.

2002: untitled, a one-act play, a Theatre for Young Audience play, commissioned by Quest Theatre, Calgary

2001: I Eat, a one-act play, co-playwright with Lindsay Burns and Charlotte Petti, produced by Lunchbox Theatre, Calgary

2000: I Eat, a one-act play, co-playwright commissioned by Petro-Canada Stage One Plays, Lunchbox Theatre, Calgary.


I Eatis a comedy about women (and men) and food and weight and exercise and all those other things we spend too much time obsessing over.


2000: A Fine Line, producer and playwright, Aftershock Festival, Ground Zero Theatre, Calgary

2000: the Bus Stop, a Brief New Work, Playrites 2000, Alberta Theatre Projects, Calgary

1999: A Fine Linea one-act play, 2nd place winner, 24 hour playwriting contest, Playwrites 1999, Alberta Theatre Projects, Calgary


A Fine Lineis a tale of a woman and her three adult daughters looking for normal. Although the play made it to the final dress rehearsal in order to be performed at Ground Zero Theatres AfterShock Theatre Frestival, it was not staged at that time.


Directing Credits:


2002-2003, Co-Director of Dirty Laundry, Calgarys only completely live, completely improvised soap opera.

2003 – 2006 seasons, Director of Dirty Laundry, Calgarys only completely live, completely improvised soap opera.


Dirty Laundryis Calgarys only totally improvised, totally live soap opera.